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October 18, 2023 / 0 Comments / Shisha

Indoor and Outdoor Shisha Bar Guide

shisha bars in Dubai

Dubai is one of those locations where you can find everything under the sky and is home to a wide variety of food and leisure options. This also applies to shisha lounges. Given their growing popularity, it goes without saying that you’ll find them everywhere. These are known by a variety of names, including water pipe, hubbly & bubbly, and hookah. So, if you’re looking for the best shisha bars in Dubai, this article is here for you.

Buhayra Lounge

Are you looking for a luxurious lounge with spectacular views? The Buhayra Lounge is the place to be in that case. This location, which is in Downtown, provides a genuine sense of Arabian lifestyle. You may enjoy it in classic Bedouin fashion with tents serving as the seating arrangement, all around a pool. Choose from a wide selection of shisha and complement it with a meal and drink of your choice.


Nurai is perhaps one of the most popular shisha joints in Dubai, known for its shisha varieties, food, and cocktails. The atmosphere is always lively, and getting a table here is frequently challenging. However, definitely go there if you want to unwind with a shisha session.


This is the spot to go if you’re seeking an indoor shisha bar with top-notch views. You may unwind while admiring spectacular views of the city and the well-known fountain at this location in Dubai Mall. They offer a variety of unique flavors, and the price tag tends to be on the higher end, which is reasonable given the setting.

Treehouse Lounge

Winter season is when everyone opts for an outdoor lounge to enjoy their shisha. The Treehouse Lounge is one such place, perched above, offering the perfect rooftop retreat. Adding to the experience are the exceptional views from atop. We don’t see why this place shouldn’t be on your list. Apart from shisha, you can indulge in a hand-selected assortment of Meditteranean-Asian-inspired menus. The lounge also offers an exotic range of cocktails to complement your hookah. Groove to the music while unwinding and taking in the breathtaking views of the city.


Located in DIFC, this is one of Dubai’s first Russian shisha bars. Crafted uniquely by expert shisha masters, they leave no stone unturned in delivering exceptional service. Apart from a range of unique hookah flavors, you get to indulge in delectable Asian cuisine and a full-fledged bar. Contact HookahPlace to book a table today and set yourself up for a fun night out.

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