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February 12, 2021 / 0 Comments / Myle Pods

Beginners Guide to Using Myle Pods

Myle pods could be kind of tricky to use especially if you just started vaping and started using myle pods or you just got a new one. In order, for you to fully enjoy the use of your myle pod and enjoy the new habit you have to know how to use it properly. Vaping has been known over the years to be a healthier option of smoking and that’s why people all over are now getting myle pods Dubai as an alternative option for them to smoke safely. This device called myle pods is a device that is used for the sole purpose of vaping, before they were invented people have used different types of devices for vaping like e-cigarettes, but over the years other healthier vaping options have been implemented and devices like the myle pod were created.

For you to properly enjoy vaping you have to know what you’re doing and also know how to properly use it, so here is a guide on how to properly use a myle pod.

Beginners Guide to Using Myle Pods Pre-Filled Pods - rakpages

Pre-Filled Pods

This type of pod is a pod that has already been filled in by a substance known as e-liquid by the manufacturing company, it is also referred to as the closed pod system. This pod cannot be refilled manually by the owner, once it is filled by the manufacturing company that is all till the pod dies out. It is regarded as the safest vaping technique.  This option is best for beginners because it saves you the stress of constantly buying new e-liquid, looking for which is best and preferable for you, so with this pod you do not have to worry about all that.

Beginners Guide to Using Myle Pods Refillable Pods - rakpages

Refillable Pods

This pod type goes as the name implies, it is a type of pod that can be refilled, it is a good option for those who are adventurous and like trying out new things because with this pod you can easily change the e-liquid to whatever one you would like to try and whatever e-liquid you may be into at the moment. Although this option may be seen as adventurous and fun, it may tend to get a little messy at times when you are trying to put in the e-liquid, especially if you are a beginner, it would be harder for you. You also have the option of making and mixing your own e-liquid.

Be Cautious

When getting a pod especially if it is a refillable pod you should always check out e-liquid because there are multiple people that sell fake e-liquid that are not healthy and do not live up to the health and safety code and it may be hard for a beginner to spot this but you have to be cautious.

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