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February 9, 2021 / 0 Comments / IQOS

Tips to Help You Choose Between JUUL and Myle

JUUL Vs Myle – How Do You Choose The Right Device

If you are a new vaper or you are even old to the game and what to switch things up there are two main awesome devices you could choose from and they are the JUUL and the myle pods price. These two vaping devices are excellent which makes it hard for anyone to choose, they both have their differences, and for you to make your decision you have to know what you are looking for, know how these two vaping devices function and work, and when you consider, after rating them both, which one is best for you, which ones suit your needs and would perform excellently for you. We love helping vapers find the right device for themselves so here are a few things that could help you find the right device for yourself between the JUUL and the myle pod.


This vaping device was produced in 2015 and has a unique look and style, and it looks nothing like a cigarette in case you are going for something more cigarette looking. It has two sectors and, in each sector, an element that helps this device function is held. The bottom sector holds the battery and the temperature regulator, while the e-liquid and cartridge are held by the top sector. This pod is available in a variety of flavors, it has a nicotine level of about five percent, and it holds about 7.0ml of e-liquid juice. The battery life is long-lasting, it could last for almost a day or quite a good number of hours if used on an average limit and it is also rechargeable, so if your battery dies you can always just simply recharge it.

Myle Pod

This vaping device is new to the vaping market, it was manufactured in 2016, it was made as an alternative for cigarettes, a healthier option that also gives the feel of smoking an actual cigarette. It also has a very unique design and because of the modern technology that was used to make it has a really smooth feel when inhaled. It also has two sectors just like the JUUL and comes in a variety of flavors also which includes tobacco. It has an e-juice capacity of 9.0ml and the battery life is about 20 percent better than the JUUL.

In Conclusion

The right device all depends on your preference and what you want and how you want to feel when vaping, so always put that into consideration.


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