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Factors That Influence The Use of IQOS Among Users

The IQOS is a battery-powered heated tobacco product by Philip Morris International [PMI]. It was launched in 2014. IQOS heats tobacco and does not burn it, hence emitting lower levels of harmful substances compared to conventional cigarettes.

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IQOS is available in over 40 countries, including the UK, the U.S., Dubai, United Arab Emirates, etc. It is estimated that more than 6 million smokers have quit smoking and switched to IQOS. In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] approved the sale of IQQOS in the UK, and the U.S. PMI can now market IQOS as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco.

With that said, let’s look at some of the factors that influence the use of IQOS among smokers.

Smoking goal

Some smokers use IQOS as a way to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. That’s because they believe that IQOS potentially provides a healthier option, and can help them quit smoking conventional cigarettes.

Perception of harm

Some smokers have reported that they use IQOS because they believe that it is better and less harmful or less damaging to their health than conventional cigarettes. This can be confirmed from the report released by the FDA that claims that since IQOS heats and does not burn tobacco, it produces fewer cancer-causing chemicals, hence making it safer compared with traditional cigarettes.

So, the perception that IQOS is safer has contributed to the widespread use of the product. This is why the product is now available in numerous countries.

Physical health

A group of users who are using IQOS have reported improved physical health since they started using the product. Some say they are feeling more energized or experiencing fewer breathing difficulties, while others have also noticed an increase in cardiovascular ability.

Of course, such improvements have made them believe that IQOS is indeed less harmful than the conventional cigarettes.

Financial constraints

One thing with the IQOS is that the initial cost can be high. This has discouraged certain users from buying IQOS, especially those that are on a tight budget. However, for some people, they think that IQOS HEETS are cheaper compared to conventional cigarettes, especially if you buy them in bulk from countries that sell them at lower prices or from the PMI website.

So, for people with a limited budget, the cost of the IQOS has discouraged them from using the product.

Physical factors: enjoyment and satisfaction

Users have different reactions in terms of how enjoyable and satisfying this heating product is. Some say IQOS is fun to use and easy to switch to, while others claim that they are disappointed and overwhelmed by what they term as lighter and less strong feeling. So, these mixed reactions have influenced the use of IQOS in one way or another.


Some users have claimed that their IQOS use has been influenced by the availability or unavailability of the product in their respective areas. This was particularly in the past when IQOS wasn’t easily accessible. But currently, IQOS is available in several countries and can also be easily shipped to countries that they are not available.


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