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Why Should I Buy an IQOS Device?

The invention of IQOS has provided smokers with a new way to puff their tobacco. You can now enjoy your tobacco by heating it rather than burning it. More people are appreciating its numerous benefits, including the smokeless tobacco consumption experience. Numerous stores and exquisite lounges that sell IQOS products have been opened in major cities across the world. Dubai is among the cities blessed with such stores. With the increasing availability of IQOS products, more Dubai residents are shifting from regular cigarettes to using IQOS. Some stores offer heets for sale online Dubai while others sell them over the counter in physical stores. Suppose you are a smoker who is still undecided on whether to use this device, here are some pointers on why you should purchase it.

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The Appealing Design

IQOS has a compact design that enables it to fit in your pocket. With the device weighing, not more than 50 grams, you won’t feel any significant weight while carrying it. It also has an appealing appearance that transcends the mundane look of traditional cigarettes. Apart from that, its battery enables you to smoke up to 10 sheets before recharging. With complimentary features like a USB charger and Bluetooth connectivity, this device is a must-have for every ardent smoker.


It Doesn’t Emit Smoke

As opposed to cigarettes, IQOS is smoke-free. it achieves this by heating the heet sticks at relatively high temperatures. The high temperatures allow tobacco sticks to produce nicotine aerosols without emitting smoke. As such, IQOS reduces the emission of carcinogens and other chemicals that may be harmful to your health.


Authentic Tobacco Taste

Even though IQOS heats tobacco sticks without emitting smoke, it is still able to produce an authentic tobacco taste. As opposed to other smokeless devices like e-cigarettes, IQOS conserves the real taste of tobacco.

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Easy To Operate

This device is easy to operate. All you need to do is to take it from the pocket charger, slide a heet stick into the holder with the stick facing downward then press the holder button for two seconds. After turning it on you can enjoy your smoke for at least 6 minutes before recharging your battery.


Improves Smoking Habits

Some cigarette smokers who switched to using IQOS have praised it for making them have improved tobacco use habits. Some of them have ended up quitting cigarette smoking. You should purchase an IQOS device and give it a try; you may also end up quitting cigarette smoking or be able to control your urge to smoke.


Socially Welcomed

Using IQOS is more acceptable socially compared to cigarettes. There are even cases where friends and family have influenced their loved ones to switch to IQOS. This is because they tend to view it as a more refined and healthier tobacco product. It is not uncommon to see some non-smokers tolerating the use of IQOS around them.



IQOS devices give smokers a new smoking dimension; a smokeless and ash-free experience while still retaining the real tobacco taste. These are the reasons why it continues to gain popularity over cigarettes. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one today!


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